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Sweet pliments for guys

" Best" backhanded compliments Because sometimes you just need to chuckle and let it go.. Best recent backhanded compliment I received after losing some weight.
Oct 06, 2008  · a list of one word compliments? sweet trustworthy reliable pleasant interesting polite courteous friendly charming understanding.
Compliments for Girls: Insanely Romantic and Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend. You guys are th best keep going and thankx very much you'v helpd.

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You could go longer without a shower than most people. At school I was even more alone. You should be a poster child for poster children. It is during this time that I was able to meet this very intelligent, kind, and really brilliant guy who have complimented me more as a bright woman although he did confess that his impression too was I also look adventurous and hot. A lot of amazing women still exist out there—meaning they are not shallow people who would be interested only on superficial aspects of a guy. ❤ 20 CUTE THINGS TO DO TO MAKE HIM SMILE IMMEDIATELY ! ❤