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A funny joke to tell your girlfriend

a funny joke to tell your girlfriend

Funny cartoons, ranging in topics from automobiles to Y2K problems. Each cartoon is labeled and clean. You'll find cartoons and funny pictures about drinking, new.
Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.
Jokes, funny pictures, funny videos and more! Yo momma jokes, marriage jokes, kids, redneck, knock knock, and other clean jokes.

Each cartoon is labeled and clean. Enter your E-MAIL address BELOW for JOKES by E-MAIL once a WEEK! Joke Links: [ Food Jokes Jokes Golf Jokes ]. Each day, click to see the Funny Picture of the Day! Funny Cartoons of the Day! Throw More Than Snow New! Your Tax Dollars New! Alien Brooklyn Landing New! Will You Marry Me? Which Way to Turn?

What Do You See? Falling Down on the Job. The Need for Attention. In Case of Emergency. Digital Camera for Sale. The Futre of Scales. The Message is Clear. Look Into My Eyes. Your Job is Bad? I See Dumb People. If Looks Could Kill. The Kitty Cat Sniper. I Wanted a Line Cut. Try Our Cough Syrup. I Need a New Owner. Time to Give Away Fido? Give Us Your Oil. Male Cat at Work. Why Summer is Nice.

We Make Sure You Win. Free for a Good Home. Nuns on the Internet. Other Side of Rushmore. Great way to Exercise. A Robbery in Winter. Honesty on the Web. Really Bad Hair Day. Revenge of the Mouse. What an Amazing Dog. Revenge of the Mouse. Cat Caught chezzy pick up lines Mouse.

New Age Bank Robbers. Time to Stop Fishing. A Blonde IQ Exam. Effects of Junk Food. First Mouse on Mars. Cheat on a Spouse. The New "Airy" Plane. At a Bad Golf Course? Cost of Legal Bills. All Pets Half Priced. Time to Get Off! Turtle on a Journey. A story of evolution. Horrors of the Kitchen.

Never Too Old for Fun. Help him in the water. The woman in space. An odd banana fish. Stop if it is flashing. Frogs in a classroom.

Bill Gates has a pie. Id card for Bill Gates. When you shave a cat. Never wise to give up. This dog has wrinkles. Tyson is eating an ear. Axe is in expensive escorts computer.

Microsoft is in control. A New Type of Pi. Sleeping on the train. Go this way for Hell. A cute puppy burger. Come back here soon. The new iNax toilet.

Intel I will tell outside. Music in Heaven Hell. Hitler during the war. The ladies golf course. Lemonade in a desert. Is there life on Mars? Log into the computer. Clinton as Lion King.

The lack of aspirin. Turtle in the bull fight. A muzzle for humans. A single parking spot. The pig that fits disks. The very spicy baby dolls escorts. Traveling on the bus.

Santa owned by deer. The future of Outlook. Banners on a shuttle. A thought of the day. An area for smoking. Some sort of error. Error on the ATM. The new Starr Wars. Star Wars and milk. A Bill Gates statue.

Taking it with you? How Hell Stays Warm. Star Trek in space. A new Tyson food. Mad at a computer. Cat out of a shower. At a maternity ward. The Life of Termites. The new evil software. Have a lack of time. Insert a credit card. The tip of the day. Computer off a cliff. Woman at the well., a funny joke to tell your girlfriend. Boxer is in the ring. In front of Zippo. Drive to Zzyzx road. Chicken Legs for Sale. Eaten by a Snake. Chat on the Internet. First Game of Soccer. A Great Big Smilke.

Half a Man on Phone. What a Long Distance. Press Any Key to Start. Why We Have Lawyers. Alien Life in Space. The Lawn Chair Man. Top Ten Road Signs. What a Strange Face.

A Saudi Arabian Sled. Cool Down a System. Car Down the Stairs. Bad to Drink and Fly. Flying a Bad Airline. A Huge Pet Rooster. What Your Taxes Buy. A Very Big Rabbit. New Way to Cool Food. Clinton as a Catholic. Beware of the Dog? What a Fish Wants. Who Needs a Dog? Dog is a Gangster. A Three Dollar Bill. Dating Fact for Women. Tough Dog on a Bike. Time to Go on a Diet.

Stuck in Power Lines. Girls in a Chat Room. Why the Army Lost. What a Bad Last Name. Pigs in the Desert. Banned from the Web. A funny joke to tell your girlfriend is in Trouble. Clinton on the Pay a prostitute to leave. Bill Gates Witch Show. Bill Gates as a Borg. Talking to the dogs. Carrots as the women. Car through the wall. Cat got the mouse. Play chess on an IBM.

Dog in the bathroom. Fail a Driving Test. Clinton at a new home. Clinton in Star Wars. Clinton on the stamp. Read the Starr report. Clinton on the news. Clinton has a big nose. Before after a coffee. A benefits of Colgate. Sign at a Comfort Inn. Angry at the computer. Press the control key. The new way to park., a funny joke to tell your girlfriend.

A dog that has cats. Cats Sure Can Relax! Cops off the donuts. Dog has a death wish. Be cheap in the desert. Watch out for deer.

Terrors in the world. The dog going diving. Dog is at the piano. Dragon fights an army. Cat is an alcoholic? Throwing More Escort america Snow. Elian goes to Cuba. End of the world. Life on the bald head. Business, Money, and Work. Food, Eating, and Dining.

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a funny joke to tell your girlfriend